Scrap Pulp T-Bar Loop Chain

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This chain is made from scrap sterling silver left over during the casting process whilst making the Pulp Range, featuring a loop and a T-Bar, thread the chain through the loop twice to get your desired length. This piece makes the typically hidden necklace fastening into a feature.

Whenever I make jewellery and there is a little material left over, I don't see it as waste - I save it all. I'm a big fan of reusing materials and reducing waste, so over the last few years I have gathered quite the collection in my studio.

Due to the nature of this necklace, each one truly is one of a kind. 

Materials: Sterling silver 925 
Dimensions: Chain 49cm long (full length). Pulp T-Bar 5mm (w) x 24mm (l). Loop 11.5mm (w) x 13.5 mm (l) 1.2mm thick.
Delivery: This piece will be dispatched on the 3rd of July.