Textured Treasure

Each piece is inspired by the 'rippley' surface often seen in water.
A limited edition collection of one-off pieces, made using recycled sterling silver and recycled 9ct gold. A select few feature precious and semi precious stones such as tourmalines, citrines sapphires and white diamonds.


 I carved each one using jewellers wax, these pieces have been cast using the 6000 year old process of lost wax casting. Lost wax casting works by pouring molten metal into a mould, the mould is created using the hand carved wax model. The wax model is then melted and drained away and the molten metal fills the void - resulting in jewellery! 

Each piece of Textured Treasure is placed inside a box made from recycled card, and is lined with fabric to protect your jewels. The fabric are offcuts sourced from The Pattern Room, a local studio who focus on sampling and pattern cutting for fashion companies.  


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