SAMPLE - Small Scrap Studs

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These studs are made from scrap sheet silver and offcuts from the casting process that appear like fragmented pieces of silver.
These studs vary in shape but are small in size, making them suitable for everyday wear. Whenever I make jewellery and there is a little material left over, I don't see it as waste - I save it all. I'm a big fan of reusing materials and reducing waste, so over the last few years I have gathered quite the collection in my studio.

Due to the nature of these studs, each one is truly one of a kind, sold individually.

Materials: Sterling silver 925 or sterling silver with a 23.7ct hard gold plating
Dimensions: Approx 3mm - 7mm (w) per stud and 1/2mm thick
Weight: Approx 0.5 / 1g per stud
- Earrings will be dispatched between 1-3 working days.